Three Hours at The Dentist

I was dreading September 13, not because it was Friday the 13th, but because of what was coming after my new Bridge was installed. The bridge works great, it’s nice to chew on the right side of my mouth for a change! Now, I don’t mean to sound gross but there was some gum disease going on in my mouth which is my fault for not seeing my dentist far more often.

The Dental Hygienist has seventeen years experience so she’s well qualified for this procedure. My entire mouth was made numb with a local anesthetic. That. Totally. Sucked! I’ve been numbed before in the mouth but never the entire mouth! It was made numb so that the Hygienist can get down to the three to five millimeters under the gum line and use a Laser to kill the bacteria.

I know, it’s disgusting isn’t it? Long story short, the bacteria has all been wiped out, my mouth will receive far better care now going forward. Shame on me! Having the Bridge installed was a total breeze compared to the hell it was to have the deep deep cleaning this very nice lady gave my teeth. Thank you so much! I really appreciate these people.

2 thoughts on “Three Hours at The Dentist

    • Exactly! I didn’t take care of my teeth nearly as well as I should have, time to pay the price.

      The work is all done now and it sucked! My insurance was useless – you have to pay into the account for one full year before the company will pay out anything which is completely, totally and utterly ludicrous and a complete, total ripoff to me.

      I called the effing company and cancelled the coverage which saved me about $30.00 per month.

      It is LONG past the time the States should begin using the same system that the UK and Canada use. I am so pissed, had to pay cash for all of it. Scam! Ripoff!! 🤬🖕🏻

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