Fabulous Colours

Here is a rework of a recently uploaded photo I took last week on the Linq Promenade on the Vegas Strip. The colours are much augmented and an overlay was added for a bit of a vintage look. It’s just stupid that when I spell the word Fabulous in the title it’s fine but adding the letter U to the word Colour has the spell checker underlining the word. So damn stupid! Let’s repair our broken English.

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Colours

  1. Colours shows as misspelled on my spell check too. On mine the options box has an “Add to dictionary” line. Click it and “colour” is forced as a correct spelling.

    • Oh, OK. I assume your using a Mac. Our English language has always fascinated me. The slight differences between British and American spellings and speech are so interesting.

      I hear that it was one Noah Webster if I am not mistaken, that altered a few of our spellings to differentiate us from England. How stupid… I’m not ashamed to be of British decent! 🇬🇧

      • Actually I am not on a Mac. Just the Chrome (I guess) spell check. I use that “Ad to dictionary” function every once and awhile so I don’t have to constantly correct the same words all the time. Oh, and colour me British : my background is Welsh and Scottish.

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