Fabulous Colours

Here is a rework of a recently uploaded photo I took last week on the Linq Promenade on the Vegas Strip. The colours are much augmented and an overlay was added for a bit of a vintage look. It’s just stupid that when I spell the word Fabulous in the title it’s fine but adding the letter U to the word Colour has the spell checker underlining the word. So damn stupid! Let’s repair our broken English.

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Colours

    • Oh, OK. I assume your using a Mac. Our English language has always fascinated me. The slight differences between British and American spellings and speech are so interesting.

      I hear that it was one Noah Webster if I am not mistaken, that altered a few of our spellings to differentiate us from England. How stupid… I’m not ashamed to be of British decent! 🇬🇧

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      • Actually I am not on a Mac. Just the Chrome (I guess) spell check. I use that “Ad to dictionary” function every once and awhile so I don’t have to constantly correct the same words all the time. Oh, and colour me British : my background is Welsh and Scottish.

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