The Spigot Lock

Well, the damn thing finally showed up in my mailbox, took too long! As far as I know, nobody is stealing water from the spigot near the front of my home but since I’ve already had a serious security system complete with outdoor cameras installed and keep my side gate locked, why not lock the damned spigot too aye? Being the photo nutter I am, here are the photos! Tamron 60mm on Nikon…

7 thoughts on “The Spigot Lock

  1. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the water supply! Great photos, I like how you are creative in taking different angles of objects!

    • Thanks again Shelley, the camera is an extension of my internal perspective of an object or subject. The reason for the spigot lock is my neighbors. They are a total violation of the HOA rules and the other day I stopped by the HOA main office to lodge several complaints against these assholes.

      It’s brought on just a bit of buyer’s remorse. Love my home and location in the city, but the redneck assholes next door believe they don’t have to conform to the rules and laws set forth in the HOA documents that we all signed when purchasing the home.

      Don’t mess with MY property value!

      • Yes, your photography speaks well about what you see, thank you for sharing it with us!
        Yikes – they sound like horrible neighbors. Way to stick up for your property! Makes me glad I don’t live in an HOA area. Good luck!

    • Based on my understanding of weather patterns over the UK, I can’t disagree Richard. So much rain and cold. I love the heat and summers here but always try to be mindful of water usage, it’s so important here. And I didn’t grow up here either…

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