4 thoughts on “American Petrol Pride

  1. When I visited the States, I found it interesting that there were so many stars and stripes everywhere. I’ve not seen so many national flags in any other country – not that I’m particularly well-travelled beyond Europe. Scotland tries though… πŸ™‚

    • Wow, that’s so interesting!! You are completely correct Mike, it’s so common to see our flag on homes, in front of businesses and so on. A seriously patriotic bunch! Occasionally I see pickup trucks with a pole in one or more of the holes atop the bed with flags on them. Blasting down the big boulevards around the city, so awesome! I give ’em a shout and a thumbs up man. Sorry, got carried away…

      • No apologies necessary for being proud of your country (though being enthusiastic about trucks might be a whole different thing…). But the flags are interesting. Over here, anyone who flies a flag of ANY sort outside their home would be regarded as slightly odd. Very few people have the means to do so. The Union Flag is flown from public buildings on particular days, at tourist locations and is generally waved about on special occasions, but it’s not a big deal. I think most people are pretty patriotic, though! I think Scots and Welsh flags are generally flown more frequently in those nations than the English.

        • I drive a truck, it’s 5 years old and in very near mint condition. Never sees dirt roads either! I wonder how it became a bit odd to fly the national flag? By Union flag you must mean the flag people over here generally think of as the national flag? There’s one similar here that southern folk fly, looks like the English flag to me.

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