A Rain Sail North of My House This Eve

Rain, thunder and lightning are so rare here in the valley that when a 30% chance of rain turns into almost 100% rather late today you best bet that the old Nikon will be outside hunting for photos. I snapped tons of photos in my backyard tonight but saw just two actual lightning bolts which is of course a good thing around here. Anyway, I chose this photo to process this eve, I hope you like it!

15 thoughts on “A Rain Sail North of My House This Eve

    • Thanks so much Donna! I have tossed a bunch of photos from this set, too many fuzzy photos due to the low light. I’m not a pro at this… Thank God for photo applications though!

    • The rain sails unfortunately don’t cover the entire valley… Damn desert dust settles on the car then the rain makes it become very visible!

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