6 thoughts on “In The Springs

  1. Hey John, that jumping deer sign always gets me giggling. We have plenty of them around here in Illinois. It’s like they’re warning us to look up at the deer’s undercarriage as it jumps over our cars, ya know? It’s really funny. “WARNING: Open up your sunroof to catch a glimpse of this buck jumping over you!” Haha.

    • Buck Boner! LOL!!! I’ve seen video where the deer does make the jump, but the only deer I ever hit was in Michigan. It made a mess of my 1998 GMC pick front clip, effing bitch!

    • Thank you Dave, I’m glad you like the mountains. The highest point you can drive to on this road is 8400 feet plus or minus where there is a wonderful bar and restaurant with cabins to rent. Cathedral Rock is beautiful and totally visible from the lodge.

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