Phone Books Do Still Exist!

Early this morning whilst brewing my first cuppa java I peaked out the “windah” and saw these phone books in each driveway on my street. I had no idea that these books are still being printed! Who uses them today though? I did keep the thing for no real reason except the nostalgia of them… Why not just ask Siri to pull up the number or address and location for you?

13 thoughts on “Phone Books Do Still Exist!

  1. Amazingly enough, people still have landlines. I get three different phone books regularly, each highlighting a different selection of towns in this part of the state. I’ve actually used them from time to time. Most of my friends and family, though, have smart phones, so aren’t listed except on my smart phones’s Contacts listings. No smart phone on me, I can’t call them from another phone. Hmm. Progress.

    • I see, it’s the first time I’ve seen one delivered around here. So rare. Your not in a big city either I bet.

      • No, “big” for Nebraska (9000-ish people), but the directories are for the entire Panhandle typically, which would be around 92,000 people, some portion of which have landlines. The main purpose of these books, I think, is to give businesses a place to advertise their telephone numbers and services.. Even the villages and unincorporated places get listings in these directories.

        • Wow Doug, thanks so much for this info! It seems familiar from back in Michigan. I’ve not had a landline system for many years. In the home, I can print anything from the phone or laptop yet the machine can do Fax. Almost there?

          • I do like the features of modern smart phones, even when they periodically drive me nuts. I can’t remember how long ago I got rid of my landline. I think it was 2008. Ironically, the thing that sent me to the dark side was all of the spam and scam phone calls I got on the landline. The axxxxxxs who make those calls, soon enough, caught up with me and I now get tons of these calls on my smart phone. The only improvement is the smart phone is with me, where

  2. That’s yet another ad for that Naqvi guy on TV here, damned attorneys! He’s constantly on my fav channels… My sister’s husband was an attorney, that’s a sad story.

  3. That reminds me of a recent story in which people were outraged that some company accidentally leaked a list of all their customer’s names and phone numbers. Wait a minute. Isn’t that just what the phone book does?

    • Pretty much Jason!! A great resource those assholes who robo-dial spam calls. Just program them in! I just put them on the Blocked list…

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