Month: Oct 2019

I Checked In…

To the hospital early this morning. Yesterday a sharp pain suddenly happened in my left side. This morning the pain was too much, was doubled over with pain so I drove my butt to the local hospital. Probably shouldn’t have… Read More ›

On The Dunedin Causeway

Since I can’t get the photos from my Nikon until I’m home, you’ll have to suffer with these iPhone photos! It’s a beautiful day here, currently 88 degrees and far too damned humid. Give me 12% Mojave Desert humidity and… Read More ›

A Tough Trip

Tough in the sense that I’ve not felt too good because of the drive down here, and along the way I called my dad from my hotel room and found that he’d had a nasty fall. His legs went wobbly,… Read More ›

Some Random Shots

Here are some iPhone photos from yesterday and recently. They are full size and may load slowly since I’m not at home where I can resize them. Today was much better driving with no rain and the sun finally popped… Read More ›

A Quick Update

Well hells bells. I left Michigan at the ass crack of dawn this morning and only made it to just inside Kentucky thanks to a 2.5 hour traffic jam on the outskirts of Cincinnati Ohio. Just sitting there, moving very… Read More ›

The Explosion

Here is another take on the Navajo pottery in my home, I think of it as an explosion seen at different wavelengths as you would see on a scientific TV program on space exploration.

What Type Are You?

Here are 18 iPhone snaps from the men’s room in Jimmy John’s. I’m surprised they put this in there actually but it’s funny! Pardon the crappy photos, I took them in a big hurry… 😂