I Checked In…

To the hospital early this morning. Yesterday a sharp pain suddenly happened in my left side. This morning the pain was too much, was doubled over with pain so I drove my butt to the local hospital.

Probably shouldn’t have been driving! Long story short, I have a new kidney stone! I had one back in 1995, I remember it too well. Tomorrow morning the doctor will place a stent inside me so the stone can if wants, pass but it’s not likely.

SO, when I finally make it home to lovely Las Vegas Saturday I’ll have to call my primary care doctor for an appointment with a urologist to have the stent removed and I’ll set up an appointment to have Lithotripsy done again.

Lithotripsy  pulverizes the stone so it passes easily. Wish me luck, friends!

On The Dunedin Causeway

Since I can’t get the photos from my Nikon until I’m home, you’ll have to suffer with these iPhone photos! It’s a beautiful day here, currently 88 degrees and far too damned humid. Give me 12% Mojave Desert humidity and day please! I’m amazed that I lived in this area during the1990’s.

A Tough Trip

Tough in the sense that I’ve not felt too good because of the drive down here, and along the way I called my dad from my hotel room and found that he’d had a nasty fall. His legs went wobbly, he got some nasty bruises. I’m worried, our entire family is worried!

My sister flew up to Michigan yesterday to be with him, he’s stable right now but can hardly walk. No stroke, no heart issues so the reasons why remain to be discovered. Dad is 91 years young and never slows down, you can’t keep a good man down!

So here I am stuck in Florida until Saturday when I have a non-stop flight home to Las Vegas, waiting to find out the test results. Meanwhile, it’s bloody sticky here and I hate it! Amazing that I lived here in the 1990’s. Take me home to my Mojave Desert!

here are some random iPhone photos from today, they are not processed as I don’t have my MacBook, I’ll try to resize them for you. I hope you’ve had a good week so far my friends!

Some Random Shots

Here are some iPhone photos from yesterday and recently. They are full size and may load slowly since I’m not at home where I can resize them. Today was much better driving with no rain and the sun finally popped out, yay! I’ll be in Florida tomorrow finally and back home next Saturday. Stick around won’t ya!

A Quick Update

Well hells bells. I left Michigan at the ass crack of dawn this morning and only made it to just inside Kentucky thanks to a 2.5 hour traffic jam on the outskirts of Cincinnati Ohio. Just sitting there, moving very little at a time. I was and am really cranky. And it rained almost all the way here and it’s still raining! I hate the east coast of this country.

All it does is rain, flood and get hit with hurricanes and tornadoes. It will be so wonderful to get back home to Las Vegas next week. I miss the sunshine and my palm trees. It was a solid decision I made to stay in Las Vegas after my divorce three years ago. Another update tomorrow if you care to read it, meanwhile I’m hanging around Instagram. Laterzzz!

Has It Really Been Eight Years?

I had no idea that WP dot com would send me this today. Yeah, it’s been several years since I began this blogging thing yet I believe it has helped get me through so many of life’s twists, turns and trials. 😎

Thanks so much to my many online friends around our world. ❤️

The Biker Gang

On the way home from the unplanned visit to the dentist office this morning, I saw this big gang of bikers out for a morning ride. And a beautiful day for a ride it is too with sunshine and 76 degrees. Ahhhh yes. Mojave Desert love! So last night I was chewing on some toast when my almost brand new Bridge popped out. What the hell!! Gladly though I didn’t swallow the damn thing.

I washed it off really well then put it in a pill bottle and off to the dentist I went really early this morning. So glad they were open! I basically walked right in and had the bridge reinstalled. Damn good dentist office! So now I have a yummy breakfast from my local breakfast joint in the fridgy but can’t eat it until eleven or so. Yay for microwave ovens!

My aircraft lifts off at five thirty tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading to Michigan then driving a rig to Florida and flying home from Tampa Bay. Wish me luck!

Tiny Little Bugs

After snapping those bug photos earlier I snapped these flower photos, note those teeny tiny little bugs enjoying their teeny tiny little day and life. What do bugs think about? Do bugs even have a brain? Sadly, I must say that some folk around here have less than a bug’s brain… Especially behind the wheel of a car.


The Indian Blankets are still managing to grow in my backyard, I had to prune away several dead flowers again then gave the plant it’s every other day watering. This little bug was hanging around the plant today so I grabbed the Tamron 60mm lens and got to work. I snapped over one dozen photos of the flowers and this bug but most of them went into File Thirteen. Oooops! Some days ya just can’t get a decent photo…

In a couple days I will be heading out of town for about one week. I’ll be in Michigan for a day and a half or so, then fire up the big rig (not mine) and be heading south for Florida. I’ll fly back to Las Vegas from that big city on a yet to be determined date. I’m looking forward to the trip, I’ve not drove this route in a few years. So, new photos (or very few) will be added during this time. I may take the iPad which would be far easier than using the phone should I upload anything. Should I take the Nikon? Or just use the iPhone?

Ain’t he just so cute?