Fred and Barney Have A Smoke Break

Have you ever seen this old TV commercial for Winston cancer sticks? Times have really changed, imagine your child watching The Flintstones back in the day and have cigarettes pushed in their little faces and minds? I have seen every episode Hannah-Barbera ever made but don’t recall seeing this as a child. Maybe this is one of many reasons I was a cigarette smoker for so many years? Smoking is such a shitty habit, I’m so surprised I smoked those things for decades. Then came heart disease.

5 thoughts on “Fred and Barney Have A Smoke Break

    • Yes indeed! I’m so glad the tide has turned against smoking, so damn stupid. I was chatting with a store owner yesterday while smokers outside were ejecting their stench that drifted into the store. No brains, no consideration for others… Ciggy butts are the most littered item on the planet by the way… A brainless, mindless habit. The government should outlaw them but won’t as they make so much money. Misplaced priorities…

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