5 thoughts on “Takeoff at Las Vegas

  1. I’ve only passed through O’Hare once. Other than the fact that my arriving flight was at the far end of one concourse and my departing flight was at the far end of another, making a connection there wasn’t all that bad. I guess I got lucky.

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    • That is one of my big issues with that airport Curt, that exact thing has happened too many times there. I’m going through there again later this month. Fun… And my gate was changed there twice too, on two different occasions. Hurry up and run for your new gate. Yay.

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  2. Yeah, O’hare is a yucky airport. But, my daughter survived 4 years of traveling in/out of there, we’re thankful it was there for her to use to get back home for the holidays. 🙂

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