Driving The Big Loop

So today I got outta my house fairly early having decided to make the long trip over Mountain Springs Pass, then north into Pahrump and continuing north until SR 160 meets up with SR 95. I stopped in Pahrump for an open-faced turkey sandwich with gravy which was really delicious. Delicious but too small a portion and I let the waitress gal know in a nice way of course.

The Pass still has a major road construction project ongoing to the tune of exactly thirty miles in length! Shit man. It’s no wonder I decided to take the long way home in taking SR 160 north to the 95 then south back into Las Vegas Valley. That ride through the construction zone was a pain in the ass even driving a truck! More to come, these photos are from the end of the ride today.

2 thoughts on “Driving The Big Loop

    • Hi Lisa, your comment gave me a snicker! Ummm yeah, I did push the truck up to 80mph, but it was only to test the wheel/tire balance. New tires were installed a month ago, not checked the balance at this higher speed. I did enjoy the speed though, zero vibrations.

      I totally agree, the higher the limit, the faster the public will go. Guilty… I’ve seen a 75MPH sign somewhere here. How about making the supposed limit 90, then they will use a flat 100MPH… 😂😬


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