Are They Pirates?

Am I the only guy that has noticed the tendency or trend of TV advertisements using all manner of musical genre to advertise their junk? The last several months I’ve noticed multiple companies seem to have jumped on the musical bandwagon in using songs from decades gone by. Are they targeting specific age groups? Did they pay a Royalty fee to the artists if it still is legally needed? I guess it’s just me, but I feel as though these companies are stealing my memories to advertise everything.

And if you know me, you know I detest advertising!

2 thoughts on “Are They Pirates?

  1. Don’t know about any royalties that are not being paid, but I too have noticed the use of vintage music in ads. Especially notice the music in lots of the RX ads: definitely aimed at us baby boomers. Yes, it bugs me too to hear a grand old piece bastardized with lyrics about a damned drug they want you to think you need.

    • Good Lord, I am not alone in this! My words here don’t relay how much this actually pisses me off guys. I just feel like a piece of my life has been stolen by these G damned drug companies. To the best of my knowledge, the US and New Zealand are the only countries that allow the damned drug commercials on TV and it has got to stop. Change the channel, boom! Another drug commercial. And just who are the biggest drug dealers in America today?

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