The Speedy Two-Seater

Yesterday I photographed three different aircraft whilst parked in one spot. Apparently I unknowingly picked the perfect spot for aviation photos, and I didn’t even drive to my favorite photo spot near McCarran International Airport either. Both of these photos are highly cropped, hence they are still a bit grainy looking in spite of my attempts to clean them up. Still, you can see that there are two men in the two-seater aircraft. I have no idea what kind of aircraft this is, do you?

4 thoughts on “The Speedy Two-Seater

  1. Judging from the red stars,I would say it is Russian. The style tends to make me put them in the WWII era. The lack of armament (or places for same) makes me think it is a trainer, similar to the U.S. Army Air Corps AT6 Texan. Nice photo. It is always fun to see a vintage plane.


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