The Streets of Las Vegas

Aren’t always jam packed as you can see in this westward looking image of Alexander Road. The further toward the edges of the city, nearer to the open desert, the less busy the roads seem to be in some cases. If you’ve followed me long enough then you know of my dislike for the shitty traffic in this city.

Hey, I came from the sticks with field corn and soy beans all around. Honestly, there are days I really do wish I’d have moved back to Michigan after the third and final divorce a bit over three years ago. I miss home, I miss being near my children and father. And the few friends I’ve got left after all the years.

It’s the Michigan climate that is holding me back like a Hoover Dam. Cold weather really sucks man! It’s been in the fifties in the morning at home lately and I am cold inside. I’m wearing a jacket on the couch as I write this! Maybe someday if I had the cash, I’d purchase a small condominium up there, no need for outdoor maintenance. Someday that would make it possible to be up there in summer. And in winter? It’s back to sunny Las Vegas. Maybe someday when I’m a millionaire… Thanks for listening.

Alexander Road, westbound