My Ideal Car

Having grown up in the auto industry and around the Pontiac Motor Division specifically, this model and model year car have long been my absolute favorite car to own. They were being built when I was in Junior High School (now called middle school). It’s a long process to locate cars like this that are in solid condition on many levels, don’t purchase a piece of shit that’ll be nothing but a freaking money pit.

First you need a big fat wallet. I did drive the 1977 models after getting my driver license in 1977. The 1977 model year saw the end of round headlamps on these cars and the Chevy Camero models as well. I just like the round headlamps better on these cars. A 400 CID engine with a five speed manual transmission – yes!

OM Gosh were they fun to drive and had tons of balls compared to the damned puny little lawn mower engines in cars today. The 400 CID engines will eat these stupid 1.5 litre engines of today for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I drive a 262 CID V-6 these days, I’m not at all willing to take such a giant step downward to the realm of lawnmower power for which we can point the finger at tree huggers and Washington.

Note: these are not my photos, no copyright inferred.

❤️Above: is the Pontiac Firebird, below is the Pontiac Trans Am ❤️

5 thoughts on “My Ideal Car

  1. Too bad the Pontiac division was killed by GM, Many of their best models came out of that division, and i agree with you on what you note above, right down to the round headlights!

    • Thanks so much Doug! PMD went away during that idiot Obama’s presidency too. I suspect the fed and tree huggers had a hand in this. My family sold the Pontiac/GMC line for decades so this has a very deep meaning to me.

      • The downturn in Pontiac’s fortunes began with the fuel crisis in the early 1970s and Richard Nixon signing into law the CAFE standards. Pontiac didn’t make cars to be fuel efficient back then, just fun to drive and powerful.

        GM announced in 2008 the plan to stop production of the Pontiac by 2010, before
        “that idiot Obama” was even president, incidentally, so his administration’s only contribution to the situation was to work with the Bush administration’s plan to make funds available to the struggling GM. The Federal funds and downsizing the company saved the company, but resulted in the end of a fine automobile line.

        • I stand corrected. I’d rather the Chevy line went away but my dad said Chevy is the bread and butter line for GM. He should know. I’ll always be ticked about this. A piece of my history, life was torn off.

          • I tend to agree with you. The Pontiac was a much more interesting car, whereas the Chevy is a boulevard cruiser. That style car is obsolete in my mind.

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