6 thoughts on “The Potato on The Couch

  1. I’m about to fire up the amateur radio equipment. Wonder if it still works??!! Fallback? The new smart TV we have does wonderful things – if only I could work out how to use the remote control!

    • My new TV works great too. Yeah, spring forward, fall back. Stupid time change is ridiculous! I operate on VHF/UHF only, are you on HF?

    • No worries, not nosy at all. I’m very careful of what is allowed to be published at my home both inside and out. That radio is also usable as a scanner too but is primarily a transceiver for two different Ham Radio radio frequency bands.

      Specifically the 2 Meter VHF band from 144 to 148mhz, and the UHF band from 430 to 450mhz. It’s technically a Ham Radio for which you need an FCC issued license to transmit with. I like it on the table next to me so I can tune around to different Ham bands as well as other radio services including the Aircraft frequencies among others.

      I have a much more powerful and different type of radio in my office/bedroom which is attached to a full size base station antenna. Works great! I’ve been a licensed operator since about 1983. Sorry for the long explanation.

        • Your welcome! Not so much out here in the desert as I really don’t know these folks like I did over the years in Michigan as a member of the local Ham club, Decades of radio friends. But yeah, we did community service events among other things. And T Hunts.

          A T Hunt is when one person places a very low power transmitter in a completely unknown location to the rest of the group. The group then fans out in an attempt to locate the low power T.

          It’s fun! I even built my own directional, hand-held Beam antennas designed to focus on the strongest signal in a specific direction. They are technically called a Yagi antenna. I’ve decades of experience in antenna systems.

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