6 thoughts on “The Potato on The Couch

    • No worries, not nosy at all. I’m very careful of what is allowed to be published at my home both inside and out. That radio is also usable as a scanner too but is primarily a transceiver for two different Ham Radio radio frequency bands.

      Specifically the 2 Meter VHF band from 144 to 148mhz, and the UHF band from 430 to 450mhz. It’s technically a Ham Radio for which you need an FCC issued license to transmit with. I like it on the table next to me so I can tune around to different Ham bands as well as other radio services including the Aircraft frequencies among others.

      I have a much more powerful and different type of radio in my office/bedroom which is attached to a full size base station antenna. Works great! I’ve been a licensed operator since about 1983. Sorry for the long explanation.

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        • Your welcome! Not so much out here in the desert as I really don’t know these folks like I did over the years in Michigan as a member of the local Ham club, Decades of radio friends. But yeah, we did community service events among other things. And T Hunts.

          A T Hunt is when one person places a very low power transmitter in a completely unknown location to the rest of the group. The group then fans out in an attempt to locate the low power T.

          It’s fun! I even built my own directional, hand-held Beam antennas designed to focus on the strongest signal in a specific direction. They are technically called a Yagi antenna. I’ve decades of experience in antenna systems.

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