A Day in The Life

I took a walk in a local park earlier today, saw this painted on a concrete seat. Well done, punks! Since it’s been so windy there weren’t too many people there. A woman pulled up in a Crew Cab pulling a big horse trailer. I walked over and had a quick chat with her and snapped some iPhone photos of one of her horses already in the arena rolling around in the dirt.

The horse photos were total shit as the arena is completely under a giant metal roof. I thought to leave the Nikon at home today, see what happens! I have other photos, probably not as interesting from today including this vandalized park bench. It’s very tough from hour to hour too when your right wrist is screaming pain. No idea why, but it hurts! Got home and cleaned my yards off after the latest wind storm…

Vandalising Bastards!

5 thoughts on “A Day in The Life

  1. Have you injured that wrist before? The weather change could be a factor for your pain.
    Is the vandalism the words, ‘ A Day In The Life’? I rather like it and it looks like the piece it is written on can be removed.

    • The wrist is a bit better this morning, yay! I did it, my fault after thinking about it… I find it vandalism. Would you spray paint a concrete bench in a park?

      • NO! But the wording looks like it was meant to be there, so… maybe it wasn’t graffiti. Remember, I was married to a Graffiti Artist so some was legal and some wasn’t.

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