Kissing Horses and Young Ladies

When my daughter was very young, she had a serious love of all things horse. She spent many happy hours bouncing along on her own horse and took fabulous care of the animal. Perhaps this is why I am so fascinated by them yet fear them. It’s difficult to simply touch the horse’s nose.

I asked for permission to take all of these photos from the adult in charge. The girls were clearly so happy to be riding these horses, the joy on their faces! There were actually more than half a dozen horses there and three big horse trailers. That’s far more equine than I’ve ever seen there at once!

I have several more horse photos to process and upload tomorrow. Happy new week everyone! 😬

7 thoughts on “Kissing Horses and Young Ladies

  1. Horses communicate well with humans once you tune in to them. There is a lot of intelligence behind those eyes I enjoyed the photos. John!

  2. Great photos, John. It is interesting to see in the 4th shot that the horse outside the rail is at the moment not real happy! Notice that his/her ear is laid back and eye is “squinting”. When horses have their ears laid back that is a sure sign that they are at the moment upset/on alert/ready to bite. Maybe he/she didn’t want to kiss….

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