The Indian Blankets are still managing to grow in my backyard, I had to prune away several dead flowers again then gave the plant it’s every other day watering. This little bug was hanging around the plant today so I grabbed the Tamron 60mm lens and got to work. I snapped over one dozen photos of the flowers and this bug but most of them went into File Thirteen. Oooops! Some days ya just can’t get a decent photo…

In a couple days I will be heading out of town for about one week. I’ll be in Michigan for a day and a half or so, then fire up the big rig (not mine) and be heading south for Florida. I’ll fly back to Las Vegas from that big city on a yet to be determined date. I’m looking forward to the trip, I’ve not drove this route in a few years. So, new photos (or very few) will be added during this time. I may take the iPad which would be far easier than using the phone should I upload anything. Should I take the Nikon? Or just use the iPhone?

Ain’t he just so cute?

5 thoughts on “Bugged

  1. Enjoy your trip, John. I wish you safe travels, and yes, take the Nikon if it’s not too much of a hassle. Guarantee if you leave it in Nevada you’ll wish you had it!

    • I dunno man, the CPAP machine has to fit in my tiny suitcase too. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow. The iPhone does an OK job but only under the right circumstances in my opinion. Light, and lots of it first…

      • Gotcha! CPAP’s suck big time. (I have a Trilogy, it’s about twice as big as the CPAP I used to have) These iPhones really do take amazing quality images. Safe travels!

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