Such A Bad Idea

I will never understand how the hell these children’s Go Karts were legalised for road use in the United States. I see them as a joke, a death trap and something to be crunched by my full-size truck. They are one of many results of the tree hugger movement and their cronies in WashinKton. Use your head. Never place your life behind the wheel of a Go Kart and go up against my truck or full size cars. Oh, and Semi Trucks

I hate these damned things!

4 thoughts on “Such A Bad Idea

  1. We live in a changing world. I’d be just a little bit afraid to drive such a small car on our British roads – too many heavy goods vehicles tearing around. I’d hate to become the filling for a truck sandwich!

    • Exactly, Richard! I really wanna spit on the damn cars. I grew up in the auto industry and have zero love for this car or any of the millions of Toyota’s and the like running around.

  2. Is that the Smart? Or the IQ? I love small cars and I admit I really miss my Smart. I don’t see you running them over if the driver is smart, too. Unfortunately, that’s rare here.

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