A Quick Update

Well hells bells. I left Michigan at the ass crack of dawn this morning and only made it to just inside Kentucky thanks to a 2.5 hour traffic jam on the outskirts of Cincinnati Ohio. Just sitting there, moving very little at a time. I was and am really cranky. And it rained almost all the way here and it’s still raining! I hate the east coast of this country.

All it does is rain, flood and get hit with hurricanes and tornadoes. It will be so wonderful to get back home to Las Vegas next week. I miss the sunshine and my palm trees. It was a solid decision I made to stay in Las Vegas after my divorce three years ago. Another update tomorrow if you care to read it, meanwhile I’m hanging around Instagram. Laterzzz!

10 thoughts on “A Quick Update

    • Thanks, I will this hotel bed is so warm and comfy. Tomorrow is a new day! I’ve driven through Cincy so many times over the years, never been a bigger traffic jam than today. Grrr.

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