Some Random Shots

Here are some iPhone photos from yesterday and recently. They are full size and may load slowly since I’m not at home where I can resize them. Today was much better driving with no rain and the sun finally popped out, yay! I’ll be in Florida tomorrow finally and back home next Saturday. Stick around won’t ya!

10 thoughts on “Some Random Shots

  1. We really like Tarpon Springs. We’ve been there a couple of times and enjoyed the nearby beaches and especially the Greek restaurants in the village. If you need something to do tonight, check our blog under the Florida Category, Restaurants and Eateries.

    • I lived in Dunedin in the 90’s, know the Sponge Docks well. Glad you guys like it too. It’s not far from my folks place.

    • Yes, Canned Heat! Yes they are huge Richard, from Lapeer, Michigan to Tarpon Springs FLA is about 1200 miles. From my home in Las Vegas to Lapeer is approximately 2000 miles. It’s a big country!

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