On The Dunedin Causeway

Since I can’t get the photos from my Nikon until I’m home, you’ll have to suffer with these iPhone photos! It’s a beautiful day here, currently 88 degrees and far too damned humid. Give me 12% Mojave Desert humidity and day please! I’m amazed that I lived in this area during the1990’s.

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  1. You were in my neck of the woods….nice photos!

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  2. It dropped below 0C here in Scotland the night before last John. Would recommend you stay on the warm side of the pond! Hope the trip is going well.

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  3. Nothing wrong with these beautiful photos – iPhone or not! Looks like great weather (other than the humidity, which I agree can be awful).

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  4. Remember this drive well. Oh, have you heard how your dad is doing? We’re praying for him after his fall.

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    • Thank you guys! Just talked to him. No stroke, Amen. Doctors are working on other causes now but he sounds just fine. I love the views on the causeway but the damn humidity is awful! Amazing I used to love about one mile from here many years ago. Is there anyplace you two haven’t been! 😎😂

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