On The Dunedin Causeway

Since I can’t get the photos from my Nikon until I’m home, you’ll have to suffer with these iPhone photos! It’s a beautiful day here, currently 88 degrees and far too damned humid. Give me 12% Mojave Desert humidity and day please! I’m amazed that I lived in this area during the1990’s.

13 thoughts on “On The Dunedin Causeway

    • Too cold Richard! I’m actually in the hospital at the moment. Seems I may have another Kidney Stone. Dammit!

  1. Nothing wrong with these beautiful photos – iPhone or not! Looks like great weather (other than the humidity, which I agree can be awful).

    • Thank you guys! Just talked to him. No stroke, Amen. Doctors are working on other causes now but he sounds just fine. I love the views on the causeway but the damn humidity is awful! Amazing I used to love about one mile from here many years ago. Is there anyplace you two haven’t been! 😎😂

      • Good news about the no stroke! We have been fortunate enough to have hit all of the contiguous 48 states. But there are tons of places within those that we have not seen. Wow, is this country huge!! Enjoy the rest of your week in Florida, humidity aside….

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