I Checked In…

To the hospital early this morning. Yesterday a sharp pain suddenly happened in my left side. This morning the pain was too much, was doubled over with pain so I drove my butt to the local hospital.

Probably shouldn’t have been driving! Long story short, I have a new kidney stone! I had one back in 1995, I remember it too well. Tomorrow morning the doctor will place a stent inside me so the stone can if wants, pass but it’s not likely.

SO, when I finally make it home to lovely Las Vegas Saturday I’ll have to call my primary care doctor for an appointment with a urologist to have the stent removed and I’ll set up an appointment to have Lithotripsy done again.

Lithotripsy  pulverizes the stone so it passes easily. Wish me luck, friends!

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    • Thanks very much, Vova! It’ll be great to be home later today. I will finish the medical procedure in Las Vegas with my own doctor. Kidney stones suck! Ouch!

    • Thanks so much, guys! I’ll finish the procedure at home with my own doctor. Need Lithotripsy then Stent removal. Half way done but no pain now. Have pain pills in case though. This kind of pain at 39,000 feet is even worse! I hope you two are well. 🤙🏻😎❤️

    • I had a ride to the airport this morning, my dad uses this same service frequently. I’d have NO idea how to get here by myself! Well worth the twenty dollar tip. I’m in no pain now, the Stent is helping and I have some pain pills in case the pain kicks up again. I’ll finish this when I get home with my own doctor. Need Lithotripsy then Stent removal afterward. Half way there! I’ve been through this shit before, know how to handle things. At Tampa airport now, flight delayed one hour. Could be worse! 🤙🏻😎😬

  1. A friend’s mother once told me passing a kidney stone is more painful than giving birth. Best wishes for a quick resolution to this medical issue!

    • I don’t doubt that. Gladly I’ve never had to pass one as I get the Lithotripsy treatment which pulverizes the stone into mush, then it just pees out. Gross but it is what it is. Then the Stent must come out. A nasty painful mess. Sorry. Too much information! Thanks so much for your well wishes my friend! Say hey to the kitty boys for me! 🤙🏻😎❤️😻😻

      • I’m immune to the “icky factor” of medical issues by now. That definitely is a better way to deal with kidney stone than passing them whole or surgery.

        • NO surgery! My doc office doesn’t open until Tuesday but I’ll be fine until then. Have plenty to do in the mean time such as replace batteries in my smoke detectors, 2 started chirping in the middle of the night!

  2. Well this is a pain in the…well you know what! Terrible timing to say the least (as if there’s a good time which there isn’t). Sounds like you know what to do, so hang in there. Take it easy if you can!

    • Thank you my friend! Never a good time for this. I will follow up with my own doctor on Tuesday when the office opens. Still need Lithotripsy to pulverize the stone so it just drains out, then the Stent has to be removed. Nasty but necessary. This is my second stone. Know what to expect and how to get things done with this. Uhhg

    • Thanks so much for your well wishes! I’ll follow up with my doctor in Las Vegas next week. Been through this before, know just what to do. Be well my friend! 🤙🏻😎

    • Thanks so much! I soooo wanna get out of this state. The humidity is whoopin’ my ass and the traffic is worse than Vegas in my view. I love my adopted city and miss it.

  3. Wow. That sucks big time! Hope everything works out for you ASAP. At least there are techniques available to take care of those nasty stones.

    • Yes there are! Round One taught me how the stone is removed some years ago. The Stent is the hard part. Gotta do it, no choice. My dad had a bad fall the other day, can’t come down here. Now I get a damned stone. The crap hits the fan in twos and threes apparently…

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