Easting on Sahara Avenue early today. Easting is an actual word! Such a beautiful day today, a perfect day for cleaning up both my front and back yards as there’s almost no wind. At around fifty degrees though, I would much rather have the temperature around seventy degrees!

The Photographic Negative Perspective

This image looks normal right? But it’s reversed as it was taken in the driver side mirror. I flipped it’s perspective back to normal after realising it was backward but flipped it back. This is northbound Rampart Boulevard with our beautiful 7000 foot snow capped Gass Peak many miles north of me.

Over Ten Thousand Photos

Over ten thousand photos later, this trusty old Nikon keeps on clicking away, a testament to Nikon quality! Why not make some extra versions of it? Just don’t ignite the natural gas please! 😂

The Sky Scorpion

Yesterday afternoon I was checking the mailbox when I noticed what you see here. Only after getting these three separate images onboard the MacBook laptop did I notice the lighter shades that originally caught my eye was in a rough outline of a scorpion. Believe me, I’m used to dealing with these little bastards on my property both inside and out. Maybe this means my home is about to have a serious outbreak of scorpions?

Beautiful Gass Peak In Snow

On the way home this morning I grabbed these photos of the Las Vegas Range and beautiful Gass Peak which rises to just under seven thousand feet ASL and always looks beautiful with snow on top. Las Vegas life… 😎

American Pride!

If you’ve followed me long enough then you’ve seen several American Flags pass through this little space on the way to storage. That low pressure centre that gave us all the rain the last couple days is still hanging around but it’s less intense. It’s still generating some nice wind though as this flag indicates.

This Cop Was Workin’ It!

Southbound on Durango this morning I passed this same cop who had a different car pulled over. On the way home here he is at it once again. Do cops really have quotas to make? Do they get a pay bonus for popping the most drivers? Here’s my super simple philosophy for handling the cops: simply give them zero reason to notice you or pull you over. Sooo simple! And also very cost effective as well. My driver record is spotlessly clean…

The Rain Left Us Snow

Snow above 4000 feet ASL though and amen to that! It’s so pretty up there where it belongs. Gass Peak has plenty of snow too at 7000 way up there. The photos were taken this morning at the end of my driveway. ❤️😎

A Rainy Las Vegas Day

And rain it did, almost all day. Something I’ve noticed each time it rains is that my energy level drops significantly. I’ll call this a real need for sunshine and it’s vitamin D that make me feel so cheery. The sun has returned for the morning, how long will it last today?

Different Feathers Eat Together

Birds of a feather do flock together of course, but many bird specie are capable of eating together with other specie. Watching these large groups feed the other day at the park I was amazed at how well they all get along so well with each other though very different. Different yet kindred. There also were Pigeons and Brewers Black Birds walking among the large groups. Apparently they don’t know what Race is or give a shit about that stuff. Perhaps we supposedly highly intelligent Human specie can learn something here?

Stretch -n- Flap

These photos may be the best of the lot from the other day, the bird was such a willing subject for me! I wonder how much this bird weighs in at as it’s certainly not small. The flight muscles for the wings must be super powerful to lift the bird’s weight. Now stretch and flap those big beautiful wings!

Alone Time

Time alone is good for humans, apparently it’s good for birds too as this big guy proves. He stayed in this spot for several minutes cleaning himself up and stretching his wings.

The Little Dam

The water source at Floyd Lamb Park is from an underground source hence the ponds must be staying full all the time. This is one of several small concrete dams that control the pond levels around the park. I like the green colours of the algae and the sparkles the sun made on the top of the little dam. I will go back there when the weather warms up a bit more. It’s not fun shooting photos when your concerned with being too cold!