The Sky Scorpion

Yesterday afternoon I was checking the mailbox when I noticed what you see here. Only after getting these three separate images onboard the MacBook laptop did I notice the lighter shades that originally caught my eye was in a rough outline of a scorpion. Believe me, I’m used to dealing with these little bastards on my property both inside and out. Maybe this means my home is about to have a serious outbreak of scorpions?

This Cop Was Workin’ It!

Southbound on Durango this morning I passed this same cop who had a different car pulled over. On the way home here he is at it once again. Do cops really have quotas to make? Do they get a pay bonus for popping the most drivers? Here’s my super simple philosophy for handling the cops: simply give them zero reason to notice you or pull you over. Sooo simple! And also very cost effective as well. My driver record is spotlessly clean…