Waiting at Tampa Airport

I’m not much for travel these days and am a true home body. I’m happy that took the trip to Michigan to help my father out in driving his big rig to Florida though. I’m waiting for my delayed non-stop flight home to Las Vegas now and writing this on my iPhone.

not easy! So the post is gonna look weird. These are iPhone photos at the condo I stayed at in Tarpon Springs, so beautiful! Looking so forward to sleeping in my own bed and home tonight. I’ve got tons of 35mm photos to share with you guys when I get settled in. Meanwhile, I’m setting here waiting and in no pain from that damned kidney stone. See ya soon all! 😎🌴🌵🌞

14 thoughts on “Waiting at Tampa Airport

  1. No pain is great news! Glad you’re home safe. That’s the thing about vacations. You say, “It’s a good place to visit, but I don’t want to live here.”

    • Thanks guys! I’ll contact my GP Tuesday when the office opens, have it planned out already. Good to be back at my little house now!!

    • A full size Crew Cab with a 6.6 litre diesel and large enclosed trailer with a 1910 antique auto. Dad is an old car fanatic. Cars have always been his first love! It’s a long story…

      • Cool! I know about car fanatics, i married one. 😊 We’ve been traveling out to Indiana driving our motorcoach 45′ to pick up our new one. Enroute back now towing our 24′ stacker. Almost home ourselves. We like to roll like your Dad! 😉

  2. Looks like a nice place to hang your hat John. Safe home. Looking forward to the images. I’m hoping to pick up the camera again tomorrow. I’ve got a new job! I am a weekend night watchman at MacDuff fishing port. I work over the weekend. Very interesting working in a fishing port. But, the wind is blowing today. Rough seas!!

    • Wow Richard, your job sounds great! I’d like that job too. The condo belongs to my folks in Tarpon Springs, FLA. so nice inside and out. Look forward to your photos too. Curious why you usually shoot BW? Always great photos Richard. 🤙🏻😎🇬🇧

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