Wavy Concrete

Howdy dooooo from my home! So good to be home. There’s no place like home. 😬

I stayed at my folk’s condo and it’s been many moons since I was there. Upon entering the (car) shop, the garage floor grabbed my attention in about .0001 seconds. Pops had the floor painted real pretty and it smelled so good that it reminded me of the floor in his first business when I was like ten years young.

The paint and sealant immediately struck me as being rather abstract so of course I grabbed the Nikon and 35mm for a few photos. Which turned into many photos rather quickly. I suppose these can be some kind of mini series of images… Let’s see what I can do with the others. The photos really don’t show the fun abstracting swirls and divots that aren’t actually divots!

To the naked eye, this image would look different…