Hospital Views

This is an iPhone photo from my first room at the hospital in Tarpon Springs the other day. Very late at night I asked to be moved to a different room because the asswipe next to me behind the curtain simply refused to turn down his TV volume regardless of being asked to do so by the staff. I was really angry with this asswipe. Myself and Mr. IV Pole waddled down the hall to the nurse station with a bad attitude. I was moved across the hall to a single-bed room. Thank you, staff! My Stent was due to be put in in the morning, need sleep!

3 thoughts on “Hospital Views

  1. Glad they moved you, but how come the staff did not simply unplug the TV after the rude guy refused to follow staff orders? Oh, and glad you’re back in the desert.

    • Thanks guys, it’s sooo good to sleep in your own bed! I’m up a bit early due to the time difference I guess. I don’t know if they ever unplug those TV’s, I was just grateful to be out of that room. And this dolt was two years older than me… Get some manners will ya?

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