Hot Pot Again

Since I’m back home and was in the grocer this morning for just a couple things, I got the chili bug again! I’ve used one different item in this pot, the flavor seems just a bit different of course but the chili hadn’t had a chance to cook much yet either. It’s now well over one hundred degrees and on it’s way. I wish you could share a bowl with me later today my friend!

6 thoughts on “Hot Pot Again

    • You can just pick the meat out with your fingers. hehe! I added a can of differently spiced diced tomatoes is all, along with the usual stuff. So good!!

  1. Well, it’s 19 hours from our RV park near Austin to Las Vegas, so I guess we’ll see you for chili supper Monday night. LOL (Wish we could)

    • That’d be so wonderful! This batch has a bit less fire in it on purpose, the last pot was a bit too hot even for me!

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