The Airbus A320 Aloft

This is an iPhone photo from not long before we set down in Las Vegas yesterday. I was really pleased with this photo. This aircraft was just two years old according to the pilot via the intercom. I’ve never flown with Frontier Airlines, I must say that the just over four hour hop from Tampa Bay to Las Vegas was a pleasant experience.

The crew have a great sense of humor too by encouraging the passengers to wave their hands and stretch! It was funny. The company is heavily investing in the Airbus aircraft according to the pilot again in that they have twenty five more Airbus aircraft on order. A growing airline in today’s very competitive market is wonderful.

I have a wonderful video of our departure from Tampa Bay yesterday but hesitate to upload it because it’s three minutes, thirty seconds in length and that will gobble up a good lot of my storage space. I’ll try converting it from the .MOV format to an MP4 format, see how small it will go. I wish Apple would offer the MP4 option on the device.

Oh, and the touchdown at our beautiful McCarran International was in my view, easily the smoothest touchdown I’ve ever experienced in any commercial airliner. Well done, Frontier Airlines! And no, I receive zero compensation for the endorsements…

This engine develops around 40,000 psi of thrust per square inch, impressive!