San Jose Park

This tiny park is near the home that myself and my children’s mother rented in 1993. What you see here was under several foot of water when the storm of the century flooded west central Florida. I used to wander down here and sit on the seawall to zone out as those benches weren’t there back in those days. That flood which caused the loss of our brand new car and much of our personal property has everything to do with why I chose to stay in Las Vegas after the last divorce. No more!

3 thoughts on “San Jose Park

    • Bittersweet indeed, Shelley. It’s nice to visit but Vegas is home. The home we rented was eventually demolished, a giant Stilt home is on the property now, it’s a beauty.

      • It’s so nice you’ve found ‘home’ – that’s what matters most. It’s fun to visit old places and see how they’ve changed. It always reminds me that life goes on.

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