Lake Mead

Say hello to our beautiful Lake Mead as I passed over it heading home to Las Vegas last week. If your a Vegas Local then you already know how dire the situation is with the lake level. Lake Mead has not been at Full Pond since the early 1980’s to my knowledge, and that’s a seriously scary situation. And I admit to in some ways being a part of the problem. Las Vegas has continued to explode with growth for decades now. People like myself come to and live here for the beautiful climate, mountains and the many things to do here.

A large marina is seen top right

8 thoughts on “Lake Mead

    • Thanks Dave! I’ve never tried the Nikon while in flight, not sure if the crew would have an objection to that camera.

      I always put the iPhone in silent mode when getting these photos. I’ve loved flying since way back when!

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