The Ass End…

Opinion! These city buses are a necessity of course but for the drivers including me they are a serious pain in the ass. Stopping frequently and sometimes blocking the right lane when no pull-out is available increases the chances of an incursion. Solution: pay attention, always look as far ahead as safely possible while driving the big boulevards in Las Vegas. Getting stuck behind one of these stinky buses totally sucks!

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  1. Did the ass (arse over here!) of a trawler last night……we could start a whole new style of photography – The Ass End Series!

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  2. I imagine the high number of out of towners in Los Vegas contribute their complications to driving there, too. Unfamiliarity with the roads can result in high risk maneuvers, for example, to get in the right (correct) lane to get where they are trying to go, damn anyone in their way! Or (like where I live, a rural area) they may drive significantly slower than the speed limit and hog the speed lane doing it. The ones I really wish I had a tow missile feature on my car to deal with are those who speed up, slow down, never signal turns, but can be counted on to turn right into you if you try to pass them! They are everywhere where I live, and routinely wipe out carloads of people trying to get around them by turning without signalling.

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    • I totally agree Doug, way too many drivers here have no idea what a turn signal is for and it’s damn dangerous. Speed up slow down? Run them off the road. Daily I see tons of California plates here, they can be identified sometimes as a rental by the sticker on the side windows. Go home!


  3. Whenever I am in city traffic I try to avoid the right lane unless I have to turn right. Even when there is a bus turn out lane at the stops, they still are a headache…

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    • A pain in the ass!! Honestly, I really don’t enjoy driving as much as times past. Driving here has it’s own set of trials and dangers. No snow and ice but we have the red light runners and the road rage drivers, nothing like driving in my little farm community in Michigan.

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