Don’t Burn Me Down

So last night well after dark I took a short walk to the backyard during another useless TV commercial. Stepping out the rear door of the garage it’s obvious my neighbors directly behind me are having another get together. I don’t care, I really don’t and they are in a different HOA than I by the way. What torqued my nuts was the bonfire they had torching.

I should have tried a video but I don’t usually make videos with the Nikon. I couldn’t get a clean shot of the fire as it was obviously dark, these are the best of several photos. The problem here was that Mexican Fan Palm way too close to the fire. The hot cinders were rising way too close to that palm tree. Guess what? All of those dead fronds you see pointing down are extremely flammable!

These people are apparently clueless about this which leads me to say again that good old Common Sense isn’t so common in America today. I really expected to hear fire trucks and police sirens blasting at some point last night and even thought about stretching the little garden hose out to soak my home down! Come on America, start thinking again will ya? And stop believing in that lie called global warming while your at it!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Burn Me Down

  1. Funnily enough, I was out with my camera rampant last night (was on shift at the harbour (my new part-time job here in Scotland)) and took about 200 low light shots – 199 of them didn’t turn out at all well! Fire: dangerous stuff. No global warming here last night. Freezing my balls off trying to get a half decent image!!! Photography – can be a ridiculous unsatisfying and frustrating habit!

    • It sure can be a pain in the ass Richard. A couple years ago I was in the open desert photographing some landscapes. Two young guys showed up in the parking area with these sweet California Beach Bikes. I squat down real low for the photos and boom! I went ass over tea kettle from a huge gust of wind. It was funny but embarassing too. I can’t spell today…

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