Outboard Thrust

Yours truly grew up around outboard racing engines and boat racing as well as boating on the big lake sister and I grew up on during the 1960’s and 1970’s hence my continued love for boats and boat racing. This isn’t a race boat of course but I find outboard engines and boating so fascinating still.

These guys were having difficulty getting the clip on the trailer’s line attached to the bow clip. Come on guys, it’s not that hard! And when they did get things latched and the boat set on the trailer bunks, the boat was way off keel. Haha guys! Try number two had the boat level on the bunks.

Notice all the nasty seaweed chunks floating around the docks, the tide was rolling in fast, and the propeller was pushing the boat onto the trailer. I don’t know if one had anything to do with the other but what a mess this was! I’ve seen propellers tear weeds off the lake bottom in Michigan plenty and I wonder how much damage this does to marine life…

4 thoughts on “Outboard Thrust

  1. Sounds like you could have taught them a thing or two John. I spent a lot of time in or behind a boat in my youth. Not racing but loved being out on the water.

    • Thanks! I’ve learned a good bit about propellers for both racing and pleasure craft. Dad had his outboard race engine propellers built in Austria years ago, cut from a single piece of steel. So sharp you could shave with one. Propellers seem simple yet there is plenty of physics and technology involved in their construction. The average pleasure craft outboard engine is galaxies away from those that Evinrude and Mercury built when I was a kid.

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