The Mitsubishi MU-2

I actually do remember this trip I took with my dad, his dad and mother! We flew from Oakland County International Airport to Quebec City to drop off my dad and grandpa for an extended hunt deep in the Canadian wilderness. I recall the flight being very choppy and being able to set right behind the pilots which was a thrill for an eleven year old kid! This may also have been one instance that led to my life long love of flight and aircraft. The Mitsubishi MU-2 is still in use today too, it’s a turboprop aircraft too!

Michigan Aviation is still in business today!

6 thoughts on “The Mitsubishi MU-2

  1. My dad flew B-29’s over Japan during the war, having learned to fly in the then US Army Air Corps. Then he had a couple of private planes post war. His favorite was his Beech Craft Bonanza. I, like you, loved flying with my dad.

    • Hi Marcus, I thought you’d have a comment on this aircraft! I remember the trip well. They are still aloft today which is nice to know.

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