The Spillway 3

Here is round three from the concrete spillway taken yesterday. I feel sad for the young folk both for spray painting and defacing this area, and for the apparent hopelessness that someone or more young folk here are expressing here. I can’t help but think about how things were back in the day when I was in that age group.

The cost of living is so much higher today, the job market hasn’t always kept up with the pace of inflation. Money, jobs and peer pressure along with other factors are I’m sure creating a sense of hopelessness for the youth of America today. All of this must affect decisions for their own future, family, a new home and so on.

Too many pressures from too many people and directions. Recently, I had a chat with a woman regarding children. Considering the state of our world and this nation today, is it really fair to bring more children into this fucked up world? Can people truly afford this as the long term cost of child rearing is incredibly costly.

You do the math…

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