The Deer Hunter

This is another 35mm photo of an old photo. This is my dad’s dad circa 1965, I have his same name!! The hunting camp behind him had a large potbelly stove for both heating and cooking. The cabin had at least two sets of bunk beds that could sleep several hunters and beer drinkers too.

There was a smaller cabin up the hill behind whoever the photographer was which was torn up by bears at least once in it’s time that I can remember. Many years later, our family would ride snowmobiles into this area and stop at the old cabin near Denton Crick. This is Roscommon county near Houghton Lake, Michigan.

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    • Thanks! The first name I thought of is IH, or International Harvester. I’m really not sure, could well be a jeep. I do remember riding in a four wheel drive deep into these woods to get to the camp. There was a branch always hanging down in one place that would scratch the top of the truck which my sister and I called the Bear Claw!

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