The Golden’s Are Back

Today I hit the road kind of early to get outta the house for a few hours, it’s a fabulous beautiful day today so let’s go! I went north and west to Calico Basin and other areas. In the cooler months, many more people are in the desert outside the city so Calico Basin was busy. Busy with birds and our sweet little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. They are not chipmunks!

I didn’t hang around there very long actually as I was heading for the Red Rock Overlook but changed my mind and headed back into the city for a hot turkey sandwich. The stomach is in charge! And did you know that those yummy iHop restaurants do not serve a hot turkey sandwich? My jaw actually dropped when my waitress said that to me. Seriously? An American classic sandwich?

So I ordered a regular cold turkey sandwich and ordered a bowl of turkey gravy for dipping the fries and sandwich in. Yeah, it’s OK but it’s just not the real think. I considered going to the Black Bear Diner, I’ll bet ya they do serve the real thing! By the way, did you know that yours truly can be  a rather picky diner? Mmmmm doesn’t every man love gravy?

7 thoughts on “The Golden’s Are Back

  1. A brew and the newest pot of John’s chili that’s currently sloooow cooking! The best way to identify this specie is the smaller ears and markings on the side of the body. I took several photos of these cuties, they are hard to get a good shot of because they are so FAST!!! Zip!! As far as I know, this specie lives in several western states.

  2. I had some trouble identifying squirrels and chipmunks. Now I don’t. Chipmunks 🐿 are cuter. Sandwich for lunch. What’s for dinner? MZ

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