Eleven Photos with The Old Canon

Well, I got my tires and bed liner all spiffed up this morning and hit the grocer for a few needed items too. Based on the small screen on the Canon Rebel XS, I didn’t think these photos were too good but upon getting on the Mac and doing the processing they actually turned out looking pretty darn good. I seem to have a darn good backup camera on my hands! What do you think? And it’s a beautiful day today too! 😎

9 thoughts on “Eleven Photos with The Old Canon

  1. YAY – way to use the backup camera. I have a Canon Rebel XSi. What happened to your other camera? I like how you captured “Rebel” in the photo too. I think the photos turned out great, nice job!

    • Thanks very much!!

      And I am not surprised at all, here’s why – Yesterday when driving out of a 7-11, I stopped and asked the fuel truck driver filling the station’s tanks if he had any idea why gas is more costly here? He said he doesn’t know but volunteered that gas prices are about a dollar more in Phoenix than Vegas. Of course I can’t validate his claim but it seems fuel prices are overall higher here than the east coast. Could it be the… I ain’t gonna say it. There’s just no valid reason for this BS. I won’t go on a tangent about this…

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