The Trees that Didn’t Ignite

Several days ago I wrote about my dipshit neighbors and their mega bonfire in the backyard. Testing the older Canon camera this morning I grabbed a photo of those same trees in the morning sunlight. See all of those dead fronds draping down?

Those things will light like a torch, and these dolts had a big fire next to them. That house beyond could have been in serious trouble had they ignited. Why are some people so damn stupid?

What happened to good old fashioned Common Sense? And for about $200 bucks those poor looking palm trees can be pruned, please? How about some Pride of Ownership for your home?

7 thoughts on “The Trees that Didn’t Ignite

  1. My knothead neighbor parked on the grass south of my front yard. To get to that spot, he drove over my grass, starting on one side and driving at an increasing angle relative to the lane. Each day, he drove over the same tracks till there was a lovely worn out lane across my grass!

    The rainy season came. He continued to drive across the same tracks, deepening them, digging into the dirt, spinning out in some spots, making parallel troughs that I, a person with a physical handicap, find difficult to walk over. Yes, there are days I am so weak, it is closer to cross the grass instead of walk on the concrete lane and sidewalk to get to my front door from my parking spot.

    Then the landlord talked with him about parking on the grass, so he moved his pickup to a parking lot at the end of the lane. I see he’s now creating a path in another neighbor’s grass so he doesn’t have to back up from the parking spot when he leaves for work! Yes, and he has to drive his pickup over a six inch tall vertical curb to access the parking spot from that direction! What an idiot!

    He could access the parking spot easily from the south instead of the north, and he’d then avoid creating tracks in our neighbor’s grass. At least he doesn’t blow off illegal fireworks that could land on roofs and start fires like another neighbor who – thank god – moved to a different neighborhood.

    • That’s ridiculous Doug! I’d be all over the management to put an end to his ignorance. Why the hell are some people so effing stupid? I have no tolerance for people like him and will fight back as I’ve had to do with my neighbor here. I’ve had the HOA after him/them twice now for parking a huge trailer on the road and leaving it there day after day. Totally against the HOA rules! These assholes will not get away with it…

  2. “Why are some people so damn stupid?” is a fair question. It’s one of life’s unfathomable mysteries – like ‘why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?’ More seriously, you’d think people would do something about such an obvious fire risk. Hope all is well.

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