A Black Bear Brunch

This morning when taking my morning round of meds I noticed that one of my regulars was completely missing. I searched the house and found nothing. Seeing an opportunity for a ride I headed south for my pharmacy and got there before they opened! I’ll have to wait until Wednesday to pick that BP med up but no worries, a few days without it is OK as I have other BP meds.

I was about one mile from the diner so further south I went, anticipating what I might feel like ordering once there. I ended up having a Club Sandwich, but this place knows how to build one properly! I destroyed the sandwich, and ordered a bowl of turkey gravy for dipping the sandwich and fries in.

Ooooh it’s just so good that I forgot to take a photo of the meal! 😂

2 thoughts on “A Black Bear Brunch

    • Bears are everywhere in this place! The gals and guys handling the tables are always good, I’m not a cheap tipper either.

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