A Major Engineering Project

During the night last night my CPAP hose kept popping off as the single tie strap let go. This morning I took two straps to it, it should stay put now! If you use a CPAP machine every night as I do and since 2011, then you understand how important having a good seal at every joint really is.

For me it really is all about my heart.

Having a serious case of Sleep Apnea, I absolutely must have this machine working properly every night. Yeah, it’s a pain in my ass to tote it with me on my Michigan trips, the TSA makes me split the water tank from the main unit almost every time. It’s all well worth it though.

Pretty good aye? I shoulda went to engineering school! 😂

4 thoughts on “A Major Engineering Project

  1. I hear you. I have a BPAP, which is about twice as heavy as most CPAPs. I’ll have to see what TSA does with it, as we’re gonna be flying early next year.

    • I’ve never heard of the BPAP, had to read about it, it’s very similar to my CPAP. My machine is about a year old and has the ability to vary it’s pressures. You set the limit from say 9 to 11, the machine stays withing that level of pressure. Works great! It took me about a month to be comfortable with wearing the mask. Today it’s just normal.

      If yours has a water tank, be sure to separate it from the rest of the machine, you should be fine in the TSA lines.

      That reminds me, my last trip to Michigan not long ago, I totally forgot to grab the machine after passing through the line. I heard a page later for “the owner of a CPAP machine” to return to the TSA lines. Sure enough, it was mine!


      I thanked the TSA and police officers and said that they just saved me $1000 dollars!!

      • Glad you got it back! Mine has a list price of $15,000. Gack! Glad my insurance covers the use. I do not use the humidifier tank, so that won’t be an issue.

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