Enough To Get The Job Done

After trying one other leaf blower which was wholly inadequate for the job, I purchased this big battery powered blower a couple days ago. My property is small yet receives plenty of fallen leaves from my neighbors homes. Thanks folks. I don’t have or want any Deciduous trees on my property, they are nothing but work.

I know this all too well… Anyway, I gave this beast a trial run yesterday since we were in between pressure changes, it was almost calm. I should mention that the blower is rather heavy yet well balanced, stays balanced when in your hand. I did though have to change hands a couple times as my wrists were becoming fatigued.

Overall, the blower worked 125% better than the much smaller unit made by Toro. Another problem solved! I’ve always used gas powered leaf blowers when working in the commercial lawn maintenance industry years ago but just don’t want another 2 Cycle gas can with 32:1 mix ratio spewing fumes in my garage. Why?

I have an issue with explosive petrol fumes near my natural gas water heater in my garage! Anyway, the blower easily cleans my entire property of leaves and debris very quickly and gets the work done very quickly.

The airflow rate is 630 CFM per minute, really good!