A Rainy Las Vegas Day

And rain it did, almost all day. Something I’ve noticed each time it rains is that my energy level drops significantly. I’ll call this a real need for sunshine and it’s vitamin D that make me feel so cheery. The sun has returned for the morning, how long will it last today?

4 thoughts on “A Rainy Las Vegas Day

  1. Heheh, you haven’t been to England recently, we have plenty of rain to offer! 🙂
    When I drove from Las Vegas to LA many years ago I found the desert amazing, almost unreal. I actually felt quite happy then to think I live in a part of the world with rain all year around, it makes everything so nice lush and green. Nice to hear your voice, John. 🙂
    Have a great weekend. x

    • Thank you! Your so nice. We get little rain through the year, most of it comes in winter and during the Monsoon Season in late summer. When it does rain it makes me grumpy. I need sunshine!

    • It’s depressing isn’t it? The sunshine is back this morning, I hope it stays through the day. The mountains are snowcapped this morning , have a couple photos coming. Stay dry!

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