American Pride!

If you’ve followed me long enough then you’ve seen several American Flags pass through this little space on the way to storage. That low pressure centre that gave us all the rain the last couple days is still hanging around but it’s less intense. It’s still generating some nice wind though as this flag indicates.

2 thoughts on “American Pride!

  1. I spent ages on a day with little wind, trying to get a decent shot of the Stars and Stripes fluttering at the American Cemetery in Cambridge for my article about it. I should just have asked to borrow one of your shots!

    • Thanks very much sir! Actually, the pic was taken while stopped at one of our very long traffic lights. I was hoping the woman in the car next to me didn’t roll her window down and ask why I was photographing her! She didn’t… Your welcome to copy the photo. 😎🌴

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