Frenchman Mountain Seen From The West Side

Taken today this is a nice photo of Frenchman Mountain from the west side of the valley, roughly twenty miles away. I also got some nice clean photos of the entire Las Vegas Strip from the base of little Lone Mountain. They are better this time as the smog has cleared out of the valley rather well. I’ll upload those tomorrow.

Frenchman is a smaller mountain at about 4050′ feet high

Publishing Too Often

That quite well sums this blog up my friends, what do you think? The reason for this post comes from something I do each month to store my photography and the few videos I make each month. I keep one specific folder in my Dropbox account just for every photo I post here.

The December folder is uploading as I write this, the January 2020 folder is already in place. This December I have uploaded a bit over 800 photos, some of which may have been older photos that I reworked which shouldn’t be in that folder but oh well. So, do I publish far too many times per day and month? Or am I worrying too much? I’ve been blogging  since 2001 plus or minus!

The Las Vegas Range with Mexican Fan Palms

Waterfowl Love Las Vegas Too

Yesterday I stopped along one of the little lakes for these photos, I’m not sure what kind of bird some of them are. After a few seconds several of the birds began walking toward me which clearly says that people are still feeding these birds. That’s a big bad no no people! Especially bread as it has zero nutritional value for birds, and maybe humans too…

Illegal Stopping!

I’ll guarantee you right now that if you or I tried this we would get a ticket! These two Metro officers decided to pull up next to each other to compare notes or whatever they were up to, but seriously? A dumb maneuver officers… And a bit in the face of the motoring public.


My feet were overdue for a good spiffing, why do I do this? Because every diabetic should! I’ve been type 2 diabetic for a few years now and have it very well controlled, I am very careful not to drop things on my feet or let them get cuts or bruises. It’s fairly expensive but much better than a foot and or leg amputation right?

This was my first visit here, a good experience.