Blow Over

My buddy in Michigan sent me this video, I had to upload it because it shows very dramatically what happened to my father circa 1968 where his boat flipped, tossed him, hit him and broke a rib which punctured a lung. Boat racing is serious business, after this incident my mother gave my dad the ultimatum: it’s the boat or your family. He chose wisely. I’m glad he did! Note – this video is not my video, I hold no copyright.

⇣ Here’s dad circa 1968, I was 8 years young ⇣

10 thoughts on “Blow Over

  1. WOW – I can’t imagine ever wanting to do that with a boat. Glad your dad chose wisely and that he came out of an accident like that with minor injuries. Great old photo – he did look like he was pleased with his boat!

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