The Big Valley Below

What is this? To the right is the Red Rock Escarpment, basically an ancient fault line. Those mountains are much larger than they appear in the photo. Left of centre you can see a bit of Charleston Boulevard as it heads south toward the town of Blue Diamond, NV and eventually links up with SR-160, or Blue Diamond Road.

Further on south and not seen here is Blue Diamond Road which runs east and west which will take you back into Las Vegas, or west toward Pahrump, NV via the Mountain Springs Pass at almost 5500 foot. Where am I? I’m inside the 12 mile scenic loop area operated by the BLM and is a fee area for entry.

The road in there was recently repaved which makes a nice drive. Also, you can visit Red Rock Canyon proper on this road which is a major, huge slice into Earth’s crust. Do visit it, you won’t be disappointed!